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ALADDIN (see update below) - DESERT PASSAGE - take a journey through desert lands ; you enter through the Morocco Gate or the India gate and are transported to the open-air markets of Morocco, Arabia and India ; wander through the Lost City and Sultan's Palace; at Harbor Village. you'll find a floating freighter and see fog, rain, and a thunderstorm. THE CASINO is based on the Arabian Nights theme. There are flying carpets, magic lamps, winged horse sculputures and murals throughout the casino area. At the FRONT of the resort is Aladdin's palace sitting on top of a mountain. A waterfall cascades down the mountain. (my Aladdin web page).

** UPDATE 2007 - Now called PLANET HOLLYWOOD - major changes were made to the exterior and interior as well as the shopping area ; the Dessert Passage is now The Miracle Mile Shops.

BELLAGIO - More than a thousand swaying dancing FOUNTAINS shoot out of the lake that is in front of the Bellagio Resort and Casino. The choreographed fountain shows occurs every fifteen minutes or every half hour ( depending on the weather and the time of year).

CONSERVATORY (botanical gardens) : you can stroll through the glass-domed flower gardens where flowers, trees and exotic plants are displayed in elaborate arrangements, set amid fountains and a pagoda. The seasonal displays are changed throughout the year. As you leave the conservatory be sure to check out the beautiful floral arrangements behind the front desk. (my BELLAGIO web page)

CAESAR'S FORUM SHOPS - This unique shopping mall transports you back in time to ancient Rome. Relax by fountains, admire the statues , browse in unique shops and watch the sky changes from day to night. Check out the world famous toy store - FAO Schwartz.

At the Roman Great Hall there is a 50,000 gallon aquarium where they claim to have more than 500 tropical fish (including flounders, rays, puffers and sharks) in the aquarium.

There are two free shows scheduled every hour. The Story of Atlantis - fire, showers of water, smoke and special effects recreate a battle as the children of Atlas fight over control of Atlantis. The Fountain of the Gods - Bacchus, Venus, Apollo and Plutus are featured in an animated robotic sound and light show. (my CAESARS web page)

CIRCUS CIRCUS - Circus acts are featured daily on the Midway Stage.

EXCALIBUR - visit a medieval castle with dragons, knights, wandering minstrels and other free entertainment. (my EXCALIBUR web page)

THE FLAMINGO - WILDLIFE HABITAT is located next to the pool. It is home to flamingos, penguins and various other birds. (update 2007 - the penguins are no longer there) (my web page about the WILDLIFE HABITAT )

FREMONT STREET EXPERIENCE (in downtown Las Vegas) Four blocks are made into a pedestrian mall covered with a canopy of more than two million lights. A free colorful light and sound show is displayed on the canopy. Shows start at dusk. Shows include Las Vegas Legends, Odyssey, Country Western Nights, Heartbeat of a Planet, the Rescue and Dancing in the Street. There is free entertainment and on special occasions there are stages set up with bands/groups providing entertainment.

Downtown is home to some of Vegas' oldest casino-hotels and two famous signs - Vegas Vic and Vegas Vickie. (my web page about DOWNTOWN LAS VEGAS)

HARD ROCK HOTEL - exhibits rock'n'roll memorabilia. The items are displayed throughout the casino and lounge area. Displays include clothing, instruments, photos, etc. (Hard Rock Hotel web site)

IMPERIAL PALACE AUTO COLLECTION - (free if you can find a coupon in a magazine) more than 200 antique and classic cars and trucks. Some of the cars belonged to celebrities and world leaders.

THE LUXOR - is a 30 story high glass pyramid with an Egyptian theme. (my LUXOR web page)

MANDALAY BAY / HOUSE OF BLUES This is a tropical-themed resort with beautiful and lush landscaping; the the Valley of the Waterfalls facade includes cascading waters and flaming fire pots at the entrance. There are large aquariums in the Registration Lobby and the Coral Reef Lounge. In the Lobby you can also see colorful birds which are normally found in the jungle. Four times a day the birds are taken out of their display areas and allowed to fly, sing or talk, and pose for pictures. The HOUSE OF BLUES displays unusual folk art both inside and outside. (my MANDALAY BAY web page)

MGM GRAND / LION HABITAT - The lions are housed behind glass walls inside the resort. A glass tunnel goes through the indoor multilevel habitat with stone, trees, a pond and waterfalls. (The lions do not live here but are only displayed here.)

A walk through the huge casino is like walking on a movie set. There are portraits of movie stars and movie posters hanging on the wall. A visit to The RAINFOREST CAFE and gift shop is like being in the jungle. (my MGM web page)

MIRAGE - a 54 foot VOLCANO erupts in the center of a lagoon filled with waterfalls, palm trees and lush landscaping.

- WHITE TIGERS' HABITAT inside the Mirage features a "rocky" area with a pool and waterfalls, designed for Siegfried and Roy's white tigers. (update Dec/07 - White Tiger Habitat is closed, see the tigers at the Secret Garden, cost $15)

-A TROPICAL RAINFOREST grows under the high dome. There is a path leading through a forest of beautiful flowering plants, trees, waterfalls and pools.

- At the front desk there is a huge AQUARIUM stocked with angelfish, pufferfish and other sea creatures including sharks. There are coral- reef species from parts of the world including the Red Sea, the Caribbean, Australia and Hawaii. The tank is 53 feet long, 8 feet high and 6 feet from front to back.

PARIS - This resort features replicas of landmarks including a 50-storey Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Paris Opera House and the Louvre. The casino is surrounded by Parisien street scenes and the shopping area called Le Boulevard has European style boutiques. (my PARIS web page)

RIO'S MASQUERADE VILLAGE - "Masquerade Show in the Sky" features a colorful parade of floats with dancers in exotic costumes and masks. There are four different shows which float above the casino floor. The floats travel on a track suspended from the ceiling. Try to get a spot on the upper level for a good view. Entertainers perform on the floats and on stages which drop from the ceiling or rise up from the floor.

SAM'S TOWN - "SUNSET STAMPEDE" - Mystic Falls Park is a unique indoor park at Sam's Town (on Boulder Highway); the "Sunset Stampede" is a show with music, dancing water, a laser and light display. (virtual tour)

STAR TREK at the Las Vegas Hilton has a re-creation of the promenade from "Deep Space Nine" with Quark's Bar and Restaurant. Shops feature "Star Trek" merchandise. You might see a Vulcan, Bjoran, Kilingon or a Ferengi.

Note - there is an admission charge for the "Voyage through Space" interactive ride and exhibits. (virtual tour)

TREASURE ISLAND (T.I.) - Siren's of TI You can see the battle betweem the sirens and the pirates from the wooden dock/sidewalk or from Battle Bar. Large crowds tend to gather in front of the hotel just before the show. Battles usually occur every hour and a half starting at 5:30 p.m.. (my Treasure Island/Mirage web page)

VENETIAN - The exterior of the Venetian is beautiful; and upon entering the resort you can admire many beautiful paintings on the ceiling and walls. Stroll through the Grand Canal Shoppes -- arched bridges, winding canals with gondolas, stone-lined walkways (cobblestone streets) and unique stores. (my VENETIAN web page)

WYNN- free light show called "Lake of Dreams" is displayed on a large (curtain) waterfall and lake. (my WYNN web page)

October, 2002
updated December, 2007