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The LUXOR is located on Las Vegas Boulevard next to Mandalay Bay (south) and Excalibur (north). A monorail links Mandalay Bay, Luxor and Excalibur. There is also a moving walkway between the Luxor and Excalibur.

ten-story sphynx in front of the pyramid
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This is an Egyptian-themed resort which opened in October, 1993. The design was based on the pyramids of ancient Egypt. Great care was taken to create authentic Egyptian architecture and design, including colorful hieroglyphics on the walls. The black glass pyramid is 30 stories tall and rises 350 feet into the sky. Because of the pyramid shape, "inclinators" are used instead of elevators. The special elevators rise at a 39 degree angle. In 1997 two towers were added making it the second-largest hotel in the US with 4408 rooms. (MGM Grand is the largest). The resort has the world's largest atrium. The rooms/balconies can be seen from the atrium.

A ten-story Sphynx is at the front entrance. Once inside you are greeted by two large statues of Ramses and a 35 foot high replica of the Temple of Ramses II.

Temple of Ramses
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At dusk when the Vegas resorts light up, the Luxor shoots a a powerful beam of light into the sky . There are also sets of lights running up and down the sides of the glass pyramid creating quite a show.


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October, 2002

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