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MGM GRAND - Las Vegas

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MGM Grand stands on the busy "four-corners" intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana. Four large resorts are at this intersection - the New York-New York, Excalibur, Tropicana and MGM Grand . The resort was opened in December, 1993. With over 5000 rooms it is the largest hotel.

At the front entrance is a large (100,000 pound) 45 foot tall lion statue. It is the largest Bronze statue in the U.S. A walk through the huge casino is like walking on a movie set. There are portraits of movie stars and movie posters hanging on the wall. A visit to the RAINFOREST CAFE is like being in the tropics. The shop adjacent to the cafe contains merchandise from around the world and is a neat place to browse amid animated jungle animals. A huge aquarium is located at the entrance of the cafe.

A monorail connects the MGM to Bally's. A ride on the monorail provides an elevated view of the area. To learn more about the restaurants and entertainment facilites, go to the MGM web page .

LION HABITAT - the lions are housed behind glass walls inside the resort. A glass tunnel goes through the indoor multilevel habitat with stone, trees, a pond and waterfalls. (The lions do not live here but are only displayed here.)


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October, 2002

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